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Eli's Garrard 401

Eli_401_7.jpg (239467 bytes) Eli_401_6.jpg (472485 bytes) Eli_401_5.jpg (322024 bytes) Eli_401_4.jpg (202450 bytes) Eli_401_3.jpg (240863 bytes) Eli_401_2.jpg (337377 bytes) Eli_401_1.jpg (284197 bytes)

Garrard model 401

Eli's comments:

"The plinth is made from cnc machined birch wood.  Gloss piano finish.

The tonearm is hand made by Mr. Jonas Jakutis from Lithuania.  Its armtube is made from Cocobolo wood.  The bearing is a tungsten carbide point against a sapphire thrust pad.  Coating: 24k gold. Cartridge: Ortofon Cadenza Blue MC.

Mat: Oyaide BR-12 Turntable Mat.

This Garrard was previously owned since purchased in the 60's by a Dutch monastery and was there in their music library until last year.  It is in  'mint' - like new condition.  No restoration was needed whatsoever. This is my first Garrard, and I own and (have) owned many classics like the Linn Lp12, Nottingham Analog, TD125 and many more.  THIS ONE IS THE BEST SOUNDING ONE BY FAR.  I just love it."

Tel Aviv, Israel