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Eugenio's Thorens TD124

Eugenio_td124__02.jpg (282643 bytes)

Eugenio_td124__03.jpg (276279 bytes)

Eugenio_td124__04.jpg (210397 bytes)

Turntable: Thorens TD124
Tonearm: Stax UA-7cf
Headshell: Orsonic AV-1 (plus an original Stax headshell being kept in reserve)
Cartridge: Transfiguration Spirit
Plinth: Custom made with solid Paduak wood (aged 20 years)
Footers: Stillpoint Ultra Mini
mats: Carbon Graphite by *Simone Lucchetti / AudioSilente, plus an Extreme Phono Speed mat on top.

Eugenio's comments: "Simone* has totally restored my TD 124 with new gel mushrooms, new idler wheel, new coils and bushing for motor and  motor suspension updated to mk2 spec.  Really good job."