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Model: TD 160 MK I

Years of Production: 1972 - 1976

This table was purchased new in 1975, Portland, Oregon, USA by author.

Leading a pampered life (as most turntables do), this TD-160 MK I tracks an LP.  Standard issue on the MK I was the TP-16 arm with the magnesium TP-60 plug-in head-shell.  The cartridge is a Shure V15VxMR.  The unit sits atop a Brite-Star ISO-Rock isolation platform.  The platform serves to further isolate this suspended turntable. 

Table serial number : 183850

other ID on metalic sticker tag located on plinth under platter:

V - 117~

W - 1.5

Hz - 60

Type TD-160

Made in Germany

Inside photos of the TD-160 MK I

Underside.jpg (118588 bytes) Under the bottom cover.   

Susp_spr_assy_2.jpg (60519 bytes) Suspension spring assy.

top_plate.jpg (70102 bytes) Top view, platters and belt removed.

subplatterassy.jpg (52250 bytes) Driven sub-platter removed.

subplatterassy_2.jpg (58119 bytes) Platter drive.  

TP16_3.jpg (47524 bytes) MK I TP16 Tonearm

Leather_2web.jpg (78755 bytes) DIY leather mat



Observations by  Thorens tweakers from around the world.

Bushman on Asylum says the following:

1) The sub-chassis plate is the same as found on the TD-166 and TD-165, various models.

2) The spring assembly does not seem to have the tapered spacer like found on the TD-166 MK VI.  This spacer helps setting the bounce correct.  On a TD-165 I have, also without the tapered spacer I also managed to get a good bounce.

3) The sub platter is metal and on the TD-166 and the TD-165 it is plastic.  It does seem as if the shaft on the TD-160 sub platter has a larger diameter than on the TD-166 / 165.  

4) The motor looks like the one found on the TD-150 and the TD-165 I have, the 220Volt/110Volt version.  The newer 16Volt version looks exactly the same.

5) The clutch system on the motor is the same as found on the TD-166 and TD-165 models.  The TD-150 has a normal pulley.

6) The speed changer is the same as found on other models.  I removed the one on my TD-166 completely :-)

7) It will be interesting to know as I am not sure, but I think the TD-160 has a heavier platter than the other models discussed here.


Site owner comments:

RE: item 3, and shaft diameter measures .393 inches (9.98mm).  Diameter measurements were made with a dial caliper so accuracy of the reading is approximately +- .001 inches (.0254mm).  

RE: item 7, the platter weights on the above TD-160 are 5 lbs. (2.27 kg)  outer and 2 lbs.  (.91 kg) inner. Weight measures were made with a bathroom scale so above weights are approximate.


Willbewill on Asylum says the following:

Just a couple of comments regarding TD-160 and TD-165 that I own:

Neither has (or has ever had) a safety post, just the small motor mounting screws which still have securing paint on them - seems like at some time in production this was changed?  Serial no.s are TD-160: 090697 and TD-165: 015200

Also, the TD-165 does not have the same clutch pulley as on the TD-160, it is a clutchless design.

PS: Both the platters on my TD-160 and TD-165 are identical and weigh exactly 2kg.