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Military Lenco model PLS-66



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Ferrucio's comments:

quote/ In all the years I collect and restore Lencos, never anything like this crossed my way and obviously I wanted to share this with you....a NOS military Lenco model PLS-66 from 1968 made for the Swiss Army.  /unquote

1 week later.....

"Hello Steve

yes yes yes it does work !!! and I have the explanation why this thing has not been used / remained NOS somewhere in a military warehouse.

One cable was loose and the motor, unlike the normal lenco motor is a 12V and it was blocked, most probably since the start.

We had to loosen the 2 screws that held the motor together , put some washers to allow the motor to rotate freely and tighten up the screws again. That was it . Like Snowwhite waking up .....

You can see a video on youtube and attached 3 pictures with the original Headshell .....and a few original vintage glenn miller records

i did not have any elvis presley and the rolling stones would not have been fit for purpose.

Anyway very best rgds from Switzerland



Youtube video of this player doing its thing.... (hint, click on the underlined link)