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Dear Thorens friends:
Hello from Madrid (Spain). Please find attached my Thorens Prestige.
At this moment I am doing a little improvement on it. I remove the second
tonearm on the left. It was a Rega 300 now changing for an AudioTechnica
I am thinking on a SME V or probably an EMT 12" long tonearm.
At the right side you can see a SME 3012 with a MC Ortofon Royal Gold which
reproduce superb sound.
Also I have a collection of following cartridges:
Ortofon Royal CG25 (vinyl mono), Ortofon CG65 (78 rpm), Van den Hul Frog
(vinyl stereo).
In the picture you have also a portion view of my EMT 930 st full equipped
with EMT tonearm 10", phono preamp 155 st and phono preamp 139 A (valve mono)
with the following cartridges:
EMT TSD15, OFD25, TND65 and EMT shell with Shure V15xMR, Shure N75, Shure
N78 for MM mode both stereo and 78 rpm.

Following you have a description of my system for more info:

Name: The Historical Sonic. A semi-professional audiophile system for
pleasure listening and restoration sound lab for transferring analog sound
to digital trying to conserve the authentic sound for collectors and music

- Thorens Prestige + SME 3012 + Ortophon MC transformer T2000 and T20
- EMT 930 st + EMT Tonearm + EMT 155 and 139 A phono-preamps.
- Garrard 301 + SME 3009 (under restoration).

Phono pre-amp:
-ELBERG MD12 multicurve preamp (full selections for various equalizations
shellac 78, mono vinyl and stereo).
McIntosh C22 Commemorative Edition.
Cary SLP 94.

McIntosh MC240.
Audio Research D76
Bryston 4 B

Event PS8 studio monitor.
Tannoy GRF Memory.
Sonus Faber Grand Piano.

Inputs Recording / Players.
Tandberg TDA 20 4 tracks open reel. 1/4"
Teac A-3440 4 tracks open reel. 1/4"
Otari MX-70 8 tracks open reel 1"
Tascam 130 cassete.
Tascam DAT DA-20 MKII
Tascam CD 450

California Audio Labs System I DAC.
MSB PAD-1 Analog-digital converter.

CEDAR DCX Declicker. (DSP)
CEDAR DRX Declackler. (DSP)
Tube Vitalizer SPL.

Tuner: Harman Kardon: Citation III-X
Rotel Spectrum Analyzer RY-1010
Audio Agile Clear-3F Power Filter.
BOAR HS Power stabilizer.
Taylor made Rack : 2 meters high
Fostex PH 50 Headphone pre-amp
Bryston Switch Box 3 way speakers.
Computer: Powered Dell + Mixtreme interface and Soundscape audio card.

Van den Hul, Audioquest, Sidewinder, Clearaudio, Tara Labs, WBT,...

Thats all for the moment. I will visit frequently your web.
Thank you and best regards,
Francisco García, Madrid (Spain)
[email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>