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Fred Chow's Garrard page

1 Garrard_301_Plinth_Koa.jpg (491122 bytes)

Above: Garrard 301 in solid Cherry plinth with Hawaiian Koa veneer: Ortofon 309 tonearm/Ortofon SPU Gold/Copper mat


2 Garrard_301_Plinths_Chestnut_Burl.jpg (207546 bytes) Garrard 301 in solid Cherry plinth with Chestnut burl veneer

3 Garrard_401_Plinths_Sapele.jpg (247165 bytes) Garrard 401 in solid Cherry plinth with Sapele veneer: Ortofon 212 tonearm / SPU mono cartridge / copper mat

4 Garrard_401_Plinths_Turquoise.jpg (306992 bytes) Garrard 301 in solid Cherry plinth with Turquoise finish: Ortofon 212 tonearm / Lumiere DST cartridge / copper mat



Fred Chow's Garrard 401.

FC_401_3.jpg (156042 bytes) FC_401_2.jpg (249232 bytes)

Garrard 401 in custom plinth.  Tonearm; Ortofon RMG-212 with type C headshell / cartridge.

Fred's comments:

"....A Garrard 401 restoration project.  It has taken more than a year to test and complete.  The plinth is made by solid Cherry wood and stained Ash wood veneer and many layers of polyester varnishes.  It is also equipped with a DIY custom bearing in solid steel."