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The XL Hood by Ferruccio

Review article: The XL Hood; a dust cover to fit the Thorens TD124, 121, 134 and 135 models.

Author: Steve Clarke (webmaster)

Product Description: An acrylic dust cover of full length to fit over the entire height of the Thorens TD124, 121,134 and 135 models.

Price as tested: $299.00 usd plus $68.00 usd shipping  (ships from Switzerland)

Seller: Ferruccio in Switzerland

email: [email protected]

I have before me one of Ferruccio's -full length- Hoods.  In recognition of its function I call it  the Full Hood.  By design it fits over the outer dimensions of the base plinth to completely encase both turntable and its base.  He calls it the XL Hood.

Like the the entire line-up of TD124 dustcovers from Ferruccio, the XL Hood features rounded corners in combination with a close-hugging fit between its inner dimensions and the base cabinet plinth it is intended to fit over.  Visually, it appears seamless with impressive optical clarity throughout.  There is a joining seam on its back side where its side wall comes together in a precise joint.   This bit of joinery is not at all apparent until you begin to look for it.  Also on its back side there are two slots at the bottom for cable to pass through.  One for power, the other for signal.

The design intent is for the TD124 when it is using a nine inch tonearm.  Unlike the Standard Hood, the XL Hood does not need a cutout to clear nine inch tonearms with long counterweight assemblies such as the SME 3009 Series 2 -- which have very long counterweights.  This one will clear the end of the SME counterweight  with a good 11/16" of room.

Internal dimensions are as follows:
material thickness: 3.5mm (.138")
Length (left right) - 17-7/8"
Depth (front to rear) - 15"
Height from bottom edge to the top of its inner ceiling - 8-1/2"
Weight: 4 lbs.

Pictured below in Photo #1 I have an original equipment base cabinet of the kind that was sold by dealers in North America to their customers as a standard accessory to the TD124.  It's external dimensions are 16-3/4 inches wide by 14 inches deep.  The XL Hood in this review fits over this plinth with a clearance of between 1/2 inch to 9/16 inch on all sides.  

North American plinths intended for the TD124 featured squared corners while its European supplied plinths typically came with rounded corners to visually compliment the rounded corners of the TD124 aluminum chassis.  At this point it must be said that all of the Hoods produced by Ferruccio feature rounded corners in compliance with this European sensibility.  The practical implication is that the XL Hood does indeed fit over the North American OEM plinth with the squared corners -- but with a reduced clearance where the squared corners come within an eighth of an inch of touching against the rounded corners at approximate mid radius.  Perhaps 5/32".  It's a close fit, but it clears.

Here are a couple of 2d diagrams to illustrate:

FH_OEM_EUR edits.jpg (292481 bytes) European OEM plinth (hint; click on thumbnail to view image full size)

FH_OEM_NA edits.jpg (291042 bytes) North American OEM plinth



Photo #1:

Above photo: the XL Hood by Ferruccio from Switzerland covers my TD124 in its OEM plinth.

Below: the XL Hood over an OEM European style plinth

Photo #2:  c_xldustcover_2_edits.jpg (249320 bytes) Photo supplied by Ferruccio features a Euro oem style plinth from the original time period.

c_xldustcover 5_edits.jpg (287676 bytes) c_xldustcover_1_edits.jpg (268421 bytes) additional XL hood photos from Ferruccio.

Below: three more photos showing the Full Hood encasing my TD124 with its North American OEM base cabinet.

DSC_2868.jpg (355429 bytes) DSC_2869.jpg (281488 bytes) DSC_2870.jpg (326451 bytes)

DSC_2892.jpg (409464 bytes) DSC_2893.jpg (308137 bytes) DSC_2894.jpg (403285 bytes)

Impressions from observations and use:

In use I found fitting and removing this large dust cover to be somewhat concerning the first time I put it on.  Then, after some repetition of putting on and taking back off I quickly became accustomed to how the XL Hood fits over my North American OEM square cornered plinth.  In the process I found that I could use the walls of the plinth to lightly touch the inside edges of the Full hood to handily orient and align the big dust cover and then safely slide it over and down without even coming close to touching that delicate tonearm and cartridge.

Another of my impressions while looking at this encasement is that surely this XL Hood might indeed act as "maid repellant".   Should some owners have hired housekeepers that think they must dust everything, including the record player, this  rather large and imposing dust cover might serve to intimidate said maid from attempting to lift it up and off your record player.  I'm betting that they'll leave it alone.

Another impression is for owners with cats.  And I've housed a couple of these creatures in my lifetime and know very well their feline habits. The cat can jump up on this Full Hood, take a nap, and do no damage.  It's big and massive enough for the task.  Not a guarantee, but perhaps worthy of consideration.


To purchase one you must contact Ferruccio directly by this email: [email protected]  By doing so you will communicate with Ferruccio in person..

And if you say you read about it here at The Analog Dept, I'll get a small site contribution from Ferruccio.


Below are 7 detail photos showing the Full Hood by itself from every angle.

DSC_2860.jpg (441583 bytes) hint: click on thumbnail to view image full size.

DSC_2861.jpg (459112 bytes) DSC_2862.jpg (473886 bytes) DSC_2863.jpg (494947 bytes)

DSC_2864.jpg (399337 bytes) DSC_2865.jpg (472169 bytes) DSC_2866.jpg (502611 bytes)