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This is my turntables in my system:

Thorens TD126MKIII manual model with SME Series IIIs arm mounted on a black acrylic arm-board; maybe not the best material for a arm-board,but it looks good.

Pickup is Ortofon X5-MC.

All in all a good combination, I'm planning though to try a Mørch UP4 tonearm in the future.

For 78 rpm playing I'm using a Thorens TD124/II in original condition in a Ortofon plinth and with a Ortofon pickup arm type RS 212 and Ortofon OM78 pickup.

The 124 has been updated with new mushrooms, new idler wheel and new drive belt. The motor has been taken apart cleaned and lubricated.

Any suggestions on further updates and modifications on both turntables are welcome.


Best Regards

Gert L.Sorensen


e-mail: [email protected]