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Gene C's system:

VPI HW19 MKIII (about 12 years old), SAMA, Bigrock, Target shelf:
Solid, Luvely table
Eminent Technology ET-2, high density tube : A dream arm!
Grado Sonata, Dynavector 20X-H :20X is new
EAR 834P, Mullard ECC83's, :A great phono section.
Rogue 99, Kenrad VT-231's : Best pre I have ever had!
Rogue M-120 Magnum's, EH 6550's, Tungram ECC83, RCA 12AU7, Giant killer
amps and great company to deal with.
No digital at this time
Von Schweilkert VR-4's , upgraded to VR-5 status, Biwired
Harmonic Technology cables, Vibrapods, Deruma's, Power Wedge, DIY
Sandbags, Amp stands, Sound Org Rack
Music Jazz, 50's-60's 80%, Rock 15%, Electronic 5%
I like a combination of power and musicality and feel I get that in this
system. It is intentionally NOT a very analytical system, buut more on
the musical side.
It makes us smile allot.
Would like to try maple shelving under components (have MDF now), one
day build DIY Roomtunes/Roomlenses