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gadget-guy's Thorens TD224

GG_TD224_2.jpg (210438 bytes) GG_TD224_3.jpg (240410 bytes) GG_TD224_4.jpg (232796 bytes) GG_TD224_5.jpg (191886 bytes)

GG_TD224_6.jpg (245992 bytes) GG_TD224_7.jpg (228876 bytes) GG_TD224_8.jpg (357213 bytes) GG_TD224_9.jpg (288266 bytes)

These photos are posted with the permission of gadget-guy.  He had the unit up for sale on ebay when I spotted these photos. The story behind this changer is that the unit was original built for Elpa Marketing Industries, the North American distributor for Thorens at the time. Printed on the changer arm is the text "Not For Resale, Demonstration Unit".  The 6th photo shows a detail of the unit serial number. 

The integrated tonearm is the Thorens BTD 12 S. Motor is the E50, same as used on the TD124.

For a YouTube video of this machine in operation click this link:  Here