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Guy St. Pierre's Thorens TD160.............with mods..;-)


DSC00026.jpeg (95143 bytes) DSC00030.jpeg (85294 bytes)

DSC00036.jpeg (75701 bytes) DSC00038.jpeg (74265 bytes) GW_dol.JPG (88209 bytes) DSC00025.jpeg (103858 bytes)

Guy's comments:

"  Hello,
I am Guy St.Pierre from Alberta, Canada.

Here are some pics of my TD160 which I've modified myself with much help from articles from your website. 
Included mods are:  
6" tall MDF plinth with a solid zebra wood top layer. 
The upper deck is aluminum painted in automotive base/clear paleochrome copper. 
The main body is finished in candy brandywine. 
The platter has been polished to chrome like finish. 
The entire inner chassis has been covered with a Dynacoat type products to reduce resonance. 
The arm is a Consonance T1288 12" unipivot arm on an aluminum armboard. 
Lastly, I used spikes for isolation. The stand is built specifically for this table color matched. 
Every aspect of the mods were done by myself, including building the stand. ......
Guy St.Pierre "