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Scans of magazine article reviews.

File size approx. 360K to 440K each  

 Feel free to copy these to your hard drive and read them from there.


Charles Trayhorn speaks out on the TD160S....!  

Comparison test: Ariston RD80, Heybrook TT2, Thorens TD160Super

Tuning tips for the TD160.

Hi-Fi Answers  Circa 1980 to 1982.    I recommend reading them on screen at 100 % size as they don't print readable for me.

  HFA August 1980, P1
  HFA August 1980, P2


 HFA November 1980, P1
 HFA November 1980, P2


 HFA March 1982, P1
 HFA March 1982, P2
 HFA March 1982, P3

Magazine article scans in JPEG provided by Jack Leong.  (Thanks, Jack.....!)


Hi-Fi Choice reviews of three Thorens tables circa 1989 provided by Gordon Dyer.  Thanks for the excellent scans Gordon...!

Review, TD160S Mk II, Hi-Fi Choice 1989
Review, TD166 Mk II, Hi-Fi Choice 1989
Review, TD320 Mk II, Hi-Fi Choice 1989