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From 5/15/05

TD124 II with SME 3009 R /Ortofon SPU 


124II2TA.jpg (82266 bytes)

TD124 II with two tonearms;  SME 309 and SME 3012,  Denon DL103 Gold limited and Ortofon SPU Royal N

SPURoyalN.jpg (94844 bytes)

Closeup of the Ortofon SPU Royal N on the TD124 II with 2 arms.


TD125 II LB/SME 3012/Ortofon SPU GM/E

127VDHGRASSH.JPG (93607 bytes)

TD127 with SME 3012/vdH Grasshopper III SLA

GrasshopperIII.jpg (57900 bytes)

Closeup of the vdH Grasshopper III on the TD127


From 2003


Photo 1: A Thorens compact 1  record player.  A TD 135 with BTD-12S-Tonarm, built in amp/pre-amp. 



Photo 2: A Thorens TD 124 MK II with SME 3012-2 arm


Photo 3: different shot TD124 mkII.


Photo 4: brass counterweight to SME 3012 tonearm.

5) threetablesa.jpg (40485 bytes) Photo 5: TD 160 on top, TD124II on bottom, and a Garrard 401/SME 3012 to the right.



Photo 6: A pair of TD160's.  One on right sold to another party as of Sept. 2002

On the right is a TD 160 E with opto-electronic shut-off. Both tables are equipped with TP16 MK III tonearms and the TP63 arm wand. According to Holger, the 'E' designation stands for the German word "Endabschaltung" which simply means auto-shutoff.


Photo 7: A TMC63 armwand fitted to a TP16 mkIII tonearm.


Photo 8: A TPO63 armwand fitted to a TP16 mkIII tonearm.  Note the integrated Ortofon cartridge.


Photo 9: A TP63 armwand fitted to a TP16 mkIII tonearm.

Holger Trass

"We're on a mission from God !" - Elwood Blues

http://www.analogue-classics.com/ English language site, written by  Holger Trass in Germany, with info on many collectible Thorens turntables.  Also an excellent resource on classic SME tonearms.  Highly recommended.