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Update: 6/03/07
Holger's system
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Question about the photo (103bronzeht.jpg) It looks like a de-nuded DL-103 placed in a different case (bronze) Could you tell me more about that?

Sure. I have a friend who is a professional conservator, he restores old grand pianos, altars, statues and all that stuff, and his wife is a goldsmith. So he stripped a DL 103 and made a casting mold from the plastic case. I have two other cases made from sterling silver, one full-bodied, the other similar to the bronze case. These cases add weight, and the DL 103 R likes more mass the rest is just fun trying out different materials. He also made some nice wooden headshells, I have one made from Pink Ivory, which is the wood from the Zulu royal tree.



EMT 938 with EMT 929 tonearm and TSD 15 SFL cartridge (the legendary "Tondose")
Technics SP-10 Mk. II with SME 3012/2 and van den Hul Grasshopper III SLA
Thorens TD 127 with SME 3012/2 Denon DL 103 D or DL 103 D retipped with Shibata stylus
Thorens TD 124/II (Papst motor / aluminium platter) with SME 3009R / Denon DL 103 vdH and Denon DA-401 / Denon DL 103 M
Garrard 301 with SME 3012/2 and Denon DL 103 R / retipped with Shibata stylus / bronze body or DL 103 LCII
Thorens TD 124 with Shure M-236 / Shure M77
Thorens TD 125 Mk. II LB with vintage Rabco SL-8E linear tracking tonearm.

Phonostages / Prepres / Transformers:

Pass Pearl with Xono mc-boards
Brinkmann Fein
Denon AU-340
Denon HA-1000
EMT with integrated phonostage and prepre

Amp / speakers:

Rogers E-20a integrated tube amplifier / 4x KT66
Spendor LS3/5a monitor speakers (nearfield, BBC specifications)




The Thorens TD 124 Mk. II, a classic professional turntable from 

the Sixties, is equipped with a SME 3012 Series II 12-inch tonearm 

and EMT XSD-15 cartridge. The signal runs into a Linn Linto phonostage, 

slightly modified to cope with the 1.0 mV output of the EMT.

A second TD 124 Mk. II is waiting for a new motor to be installed.

The Garrard 401, which is equipped with two SME tonearms, 

a 3012 and a 3009 (9-inch), both Series II, is seen here in 

a custom-made plinth. The 3012 carries a Denon DL-103R in a 

heavy Orsonic-headshell, the 3009 has a Denon DL-103D in a 

Clearaudio-headshell (the 103D is a special variation from 

the standard DL-103 with higher compliance and lower tracking-

force - 1,5g instead of 2,7g). The platter of the turntable 

is dampened with two rubber rings and a cork-mat.

Phonostages are a Brinkmann Fein for the DL-103R and a Thorens 

PPA-990 for the DL-103D.

Here you can see the extra-heavy Orsonic-headshell which 

increases the effective mass of the tonearm perfectly for the 

use with the Japanese studio cartridge Denon DL-103R. You can 

also take a closer look at the rubber rings mentioned above.

In the background you can see a Benz Glider mc-cartridge which is mounted into another 

tonearm right now. The record clamp is a Michell, the record itself is Santana's "Supernatural".

Another picture of the DL-103 (now changed to the R-Version) 
in the Orsonic AV-101b.

Now, who's next to perform ? Thorens TD 160 Mk. II, alternatively 
with Yamaha MC-9 or Thorens TMC-63, the TD 124 Mk. II with SME 3012 
Series II and EMT XSD-15 and the Garrard 401 with the two SMEs.
Editor's note: previous configuration pictured above.

Everything one might need : headshells, cartridges, 
mini-step-up-transformers,and this and that. 
The open-reel deck is a Revox B-77, the cd-player 
is a T+A CD 1000 AC.

My construction-site. You can see a Garrard 301 with SME 3009-R 
and Benz Glider, a Thorens TD 124 MkII waiting for a new motor, 
a Dual 721 and a Dual 1007.

Lots of records. A few cds. Some accessories, 
and my coffee-pot - empty again

Chaotic - or not ?`Anyway, a record-cleaning machine, Accuphase E-202 

and Mission Cyrus One integrated amps, Thorens TD 150 Mk. II and on the floor ...

A Thorens Compact 1 from the Sixties. A TD 135 with BTD-12S 
tonearm and amplifier electronics in a single plinth, with 
the possibility to connect 2 loudspeakers and a tape-recorder 
or radio. Not operational, used for spares and just the fun 
to look at it.
Equipment list:
Turntables: see above
Integrated Amplifier: Rogers E-20a (4 x KT66(original 6L6), 12AX7, 6SN7, 2 x 18 Watt)
Speakers: LS 3/5a on sand filled stands, Biwiring, mfg. by Spendor
CDP: T+A CD 1000 AC 
Tuner: Accuphase T-101
Open reel Tape: Revox B77
Cables & Accessories: Audioquest turquoise, Wireworld Equinox,Linn silver Interconnect, 
Audioquest Indigo II (Biwiring), Michell Record Clamp, Thorens Stabilizer,
Garrard Record Brush, DIY motorized record cleaning machine, Shure stylus gage, 
AT-37 stylus cleaner, green Linn-Paper, Disc Doctor Stylus Cleaner, HFNRR Test Record.
Room: dedicated listening room in the basement, 11 square meters.
Music: Blues, especially Chicago electric blues, and Rock, 
especially classic hard rock like Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin
2000 records.
Holger's website:
http://www.analogue-classics.com/ with info on many collectible Thorens turntables.  
Also an excellent resource on classic SME tonearms.  Highly recommended.
Cheers, Holger T
"We're on a mission from God!"