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Highway 20 Shots

Hwy 20, also known as the "North Cascades Highway",  is a very scenic route through rugged mountain terrain that crosses west -- east the Cascade mountain range in Washington state.  Some of Washington's most scenic mountain territory can be witnessed while driving this road.

click on thumbnail to view full size photo.

1 Deer_2a.jpg (484318 bytes) shot taken in May 2006 HWY 20 above Diablo Dam.

2 Gorgedam_dnstrm_2a.jpg (442867 bytes) shot taken in May 2006 HWY 20 below Gorge Dam on the Skagit River.

3 Gorgedam_dnstrm_3.jpg (288454 bytes) shot taken in May 2006 HWY 20 below Gorge Dam on the Skagit River.

4 flood alley_2.jpg (456815 bytes) Flood Alley (same notes as photo 3 above)


All three photos above were taken hand held using a 24-120mm Nikkor zoom lens mounted to a Nikon D70s digital slr camera.  The day was overcast offering --even-- if lackluster light.   The Deer photo came about as a surprise.  I had just made a U-turn on hwy 20 to head back toward Seattle when 3 deer appeared before me.  Photo 1 is the cleanest of the photos I took of these Deer.  I believe the specie is Black Tail but I may be mistaken.

Photos 2, 3 and 4 are below Gorge Dam on the Skagit River.  Location is just east of Newhalem where the river snakes its way through a very deep canyon.  There is some physical risk involved in the river rock photos since these are below the dam, which may open its spill-ways at any time without warning.  Considering this I took the shots hand held from a distance and ready to climb back up to the road.  What interests me about the rock photos are the inclusions seen within the rocks.  Initially I just thought there was some interesting composition potential, but when I looked at the photos in Photoshop the textures inside the rocks became obvious.  Photo 2.  What is that sediment/ooze that has apparently run down and then hardened over the large boulder...?  Looks 'man caused' to me but I'm no geologist.  Photo 3.  I thought there was interesting composition here but the inclusions within the rock, seen later, are what really interest me. 

notes 11/02/2017. Photo 4, from the same day's shots is added.  Now, much later and after the fact, what interests me about photos 3 and 4 is the composition.  Also notice in photo 3 and 4 to the left, in the rock; can you see the fish face?

all photos on this page are Steve Clarke and may only be used with permission.

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