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The Idler-Drives

Definition: what is 'idler drive' with regard to a record player?

Answer: a drive train system where a capstan rotates against an idler wheel, which in turn transfers the rotating energy to the platter that turns the record. Typically the capstan will be on the end of motor shaft.  However, the capstan can also be remotely powered by means of a drive belt.

BEAG (Budapest, Hungary)

Manufacturer: Budapesti Elektroakusztikai Gyar (Beag)

Model: EAG Studio Turntable 010

IMG_0866edits.jpg (242417 bytes) EAG 010 professional broadcast turntable owned by Alex Nepomyaschy..

IMG_0865edits.jpg (397880 bytes) IMG_0867edits.jpg (256021 bytes) IMG_0868edits.jpg (254239 bytes) IMG_0920edits.jpg (302877 bytes) IMG_1175edits.jpg (349791 bytes)

Tonearm: Ortofon AS 212

Cartridge: EMT TND 65

more EAG 010 photos taken from the web


97979080edits.jpg (107572 bytes) hint: click on the thumbnail to view the image full size


97979081edits.jpg (92319 bytes) h_beag_sl911_pickup_inside1edits.jpg (147795 bytes)



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JJ_009.jpg (324550 bytes) Jeremy Justice's Russco Studio Pro B




sltptopfrnt_w.jpg (91047 bytes) Plinth builder's Gallery: A photo gallery of custom bases and surrounds for high-end record players. Both commercial and ameteur (diy) examples are included. All photos are sent in by their authors.