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Interesting Vinyl

no particular order, record companies, composers, artists, etc.

Notes on Record Collecting: various notes on the ups and downs of searching out just the right Lp. (link to separate page)

RIAA Dimensional Standards

Below: Samples of records I own with some notes.

DSC_3512.jpg (527807 bytes) Audio Fidelity (United States)

ARS Audiophile Record Service (Germany)

ARS Santana Abraxas re-masterDSC_5131.jpg (421074 bytes)

DSC_3517.jpg (377182 bytes) Brian Auger, Oblivion Express

J.S. Bach


7027_aa.jpg (197089 bytes)The Beatles on Parlophone

The Beatles on Capitol

DSC_6337.jpg (672696 bytes) The Beatles on Horzu



DSC_1128.jpg (341315 bytes)Blue Note

Big Brother & the Holding Company

 DSC_5912.jpg (194768 bytes) Boleros


Timechanges_2.JPG (330975 bytes) Brubeck


CTA_1.jpg (345056 bytes) Chicago Transit Authority (Chicago's 1st album)

Eric Clapton

sketches1scan.jpg (47610 bytes) Columbia

DSC_4632.JPG (247317 bytes)Command Classics


Music of Cosmos (from the TV series with Carl Sagan (1980))

Davis, Miles

DBX encoded records

DCC re-masters by Steve Hoffman

DECCA  (United States Decca)


LXT_2756_1.jpg (78352 bytes) Decca

DSC_5069.JPG (283041 bytes) Direct-Disk Labs

wtfts_2.jpg (146980 bytes)The Doors


Ray Manzarek RMCB_1.JPG (189860 bytes)


Donald Fagen

Pink Floyd

DSC_1593.jpg (218510 bytes) Michael Franks

Dizzy Gillespie

DSC_5828.jpg (241899 bytes) The Great Society

Arlo Guthrie: Alice's Restaurant  DSC_6424.jpg (347887 bytes) DSC_6425.jpg (416034 bytes) DSC_6426.jpg (288595 bytes) DSC_6428.jpg (246091 bytes)


Freddie Hubbard/ Stanley Turrentine

Led Zeppelin

lee marvin sings about pussy_2.jpg (285937 bytes) Lee Marvin (It's a fake)

John Lennon

DSC_1217.jpg (382106 bytes) John Mayall

LC_3230_xem37754web.jpg (112226 bytes) Epic

Everest a label worth the hunt.


LL489side1web.jpg (99891 bytes) London_ffrr  

No9klempie.JPG (95091 bytes) Mahler

SR90300combined.jpg (87443 bytes) Mercury  Highly prized for their excellent recording quality and spectacular performances.

MFSL, Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab

DSC_5833.jpg (431882 bytes) Monk

Mosaic MQ9-191

Paul Simon

DSC_4281.JPG (134810 bytes) Pentangle

Francis Poulenc

Oscar Peterson


 DSC_4750.JPG (169214 bytes) RCA

RCA half speed masters



DSC_4701.JPG (213518 bytes) Seattle Symphony

DSC_1199.jpg (366882 bytes)Serkin

DSC_1121.jpg (372435 bytes) Sibelius

DSC_1173.jpg (265034 bytes) Shostakovich



DSC_2239.jpg (296313 bytes) Strauss_Richard



DSC_4082.JPG (198742 bytes)  Rite of Spring recordings (Stravinsky's infamous and fabulous Rite)

  Ernest Ansermet (conductor) DSC_1118.jpg (436614 bytes)


DSC_4790.JPG (165164 bytes) Tchaikovsky (various labels)

Telarc_5020_1.JPG (289537 bytes) Telarc

DSC_5986.jpg (363283 bytes) Vivaldi

DSC_4797.JPG (274577 bytes) Wagner

ukn2.jpg (62884 bytes)unknown (no longer unknown)

DSC_5131.jpg (421074 bytes) Steely Dan on the playlist 9_3_2017

CL2474web.jpg (50862 bytes) GoodWill Sinatra

SRV-120SD-Aweb.jpg (82869 bytes) Vanguard Stereolab

Bob Newhart


Play lists in no particular order:

hint: click on thumbnail to view full size image

DSC_3250.jpg (357801 bytes) DSC_3247.jpg (284417 bytes) DSC_3248.jpg (406303 bytes) DSC_3249.jpg (299683 bytes) mix 2016 - 2017 New Years Eve.  Partial

DSC_2910.jpg (252249 bytes) mix 999 

DSC_2267.jpg (297204 bytes) Sibelius mix No. 2023

DSC_2257.jpg (360157 bytes) Christmas Mix 2015, The Gift, A medieval Christmas, The Nonesuch Christmas, Hodie/Vaughan Williams, Pachebel Kanon, Bach piano Preludes, Fughettas & Fugues

DSC_2543.jpg (342065 bytes)mix #555, Clapton; Just One Night, Scott Joplin, Ragtime King (piano rolls made by Joplin, recorded to Lp), Piano Rags by Scott Joplin volume II, Joshua Rifkin,  Homage to Erik Satie, Utah Symphony Orchestra, Abravanel conducting 

DSC_2540.jpg (281953 bytes) The TD126-III with BW/ADC XLM-II plays mix#555

DSC_2255.jpg (318201 bytes) R. Straus, Sibelius, Debussy, mix no. 41

DSC_1425.jpg (272904 bytes) Boccherini mix no. .02

DSC_1224.jpg (244440 bytes) eclectic mix no. 66

DSC_1155.jpg (342174 bytes) eclectic mix no.43

DSC_1140.jpg (299201 bytes) eclectic mix no. 44

DSC_1426.jpg (315489 bytes)mix 49 DSC_1427.jpg (260777 bytes)

eclectic mix no. 23

DSC_1131.jpg (309649 bytes) eclectic mix no. 39

Roberta.jpg (403948 bytes) Roberta. one of many mascots at The Analog Dept.

DSC_5832.jpg (275017 bytes)