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update: 3/26/06

Thorens TD124 Mk II

P3040072.jpg (50136 bytes)

P3040073.jpg (45514 bytes) 

Jerry's comments:

I have sold my original 124 and replaced it with the Mk II seen in the attached photos. (above) I have spent the last year restoring it and have replaced the bearing thrust plate, idler wheel, belt armboard, mushrooms and metal caps, and the motor suspension rubbers.  In addition, I added a new shielded power cord and cleaned and re-lubed all moving parts, including disassembling, cleaning, and re-lubing the motor which made a tremendous difference in the 124's ability to reach and maintain correct speed (usually less than 5 minutes).  I am considering buying the new higher tolerance bearing and new heavier gray cast platter being offered by the Brinkman Audio Distributor here in the USA.  Finally, I have purchased a replica of the original painted black plinth to mount it in.  Sonically, it matches anything I've ever had.  Very open and transparent top end with deep, taut lows........