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J.J. Jimmink's System


circa April, 2008

Turntable fabricated by JJ. uses the platter bearing from Teres Audio that can be purchased separately.

Platter: Lathe turned from solid aluminum
base materials: solid marble with solid aluminum spacers
motor: DC from Scheu 
motor pod and pulley: machined from aluminum
belt: #4 silk bead cord (as was used on the original Teres)




circa May, 2007

phonopre1.JPG (72060 bytes) phono pre

poweramp low section.JPG (78303 bytes) Power amp, low section 

powertubeamp.JPG (62737 bytes) power amp 

preamp.JPG (69368 bytes) preamp 

roomadjustments.JPG (50732 bytes) Room acoustics adjustments

sonyscd555.JPG (68069 bytes) CD player: Sony 555

speaker.JPG (64514 bytes) speaker

turntable.JPG (75037 bytes) R3 skeleton turntable

Short discription:

TT: R3 skeleton plinth by user510 (aka Steve...)

SME 309 arm with SME V silverwire/ Audio-technica cartridge

Phonopre: Tube phonopre with ecc83 telefunken smoothplates and seperate power


Digital: Sony SCD 555 super audio CD player

Pre-amplifier: Amplifier is based on old french post-tubes (PTT2s) with telefunken AZ1

mesh rectifiers.

Power amplifier high section:

Amplifier based on KR audio 300B-xls tubes. Tubes used are some German

post triodes, american majestic globe G-27 and also telefunken AZ1

mesh plate and #83 mercury-vapor rectifiers. Home made and designed

by "triodedick"

Power amplifier low section (active)

UcD double mono made and designed by hypex

Speakers: Avalon look-alikes with accuton and eton drivers. Home made and

veneered with walnut cluster-burl. Weighted aproximately 175 lb. a piece....

Some room adjustments because room is a little too small and lows are

pretty much.........

Rack: Also homemade. Stainless steel welded skeleton with shells of

multi-layer wood sand filled. 'Don't know how heavy it is because its

made in pieces.

All cables home made. Complete signal path is silver wired.

It took me about 5 years to build the complete set-up. During this

period the system was regularly out of order......that was the hard


Wishes for the future: 

cartridge upgrade

new DIY turntable ( because its so much fun to build.....) Teres maybe?

Greetz from Holland,


R3 skeleton turntable project

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Date: 4/27/06, Netherlands

J.J. Jimmink's TD150 based "Skeleton" Thorens

The platters, spindle and motor are Thorens TD150 MK II items.  The Tonearm is an SME 309 with magnesium arm tube.  The turntable is based on a concept sketch found in the Diy Dept. within these pages using Aluminum plate, PVC sheet, three short lengths of automotive heater hose, the rubber  parts from the TD150 suspension and miscellaneous threaded fasteners.

JJR3_2.jpg (80985 bytes)

JJR3_4.jpg (80571 bytes) The motor pod is machined from solid aluminum stock and houses the Thorens 16-pole AC synchronous motor. 

JJR3_5.jpg (76056 bytes) Top view showing the drive system.  The standard Thorens drive layout is retained.

JJR3_6.jpg (82576 bytes) JJR3_7.jpg (86218 bytes) klaar3.JPG (76806 bytes)