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Jeff Vitale's Thorens TD160

thorens done rear_edits.jpg (211813 bytes) plinth feet_edits.jpg (221552 bytes) plinth1_edits.jpg (245651 bytes)

plinth wood_edits.jpg (271186 bytes) plinth2_edits.jpg (326409 bytes) round 2 logo_edits.jpg (51003 bytes)

Jeff's comments:


" I would like to submit my TD160 in a custom Mahogany Plinth. (edits)  It was built using spline and dowel construction, top and bottom splines are hard maple, main center splines are walnut, and the base is made from 100 year old 1-1/4" thick oak that was used in the Texas state capitol building in Austin, TX.


RCA jacks, and power socket are all recessed into the table. It sits on 4 stainless steel spikes.

Stainless steel badge on the front.

The Plinth for my TD-160 was made using full 1 inch thick Honduran Mahogany. It was constructed with spline and dowel joints, the bottom and top corner joints were made of hard maple, the center splines are solid walnut, and the dowels are oak. The bottom base structure is made from 100 year old 1-1/4" thick red oak that was once part of a door jamb in the Texas State Capitol building in Austin, TX. I aquired the wood at a material auction during a remodel at the capitol in the early 90's. The splines in the oak base are hard maple. The plinth sits on stainless steel spike feet on stainless pads.

Both the electrical connection, and the RCA jacks are recessed into the wood, allowing for no permanent cords to be hanging from the back of the table.


The original tone arm currently has a Pickering cartridge on it, soon to be upgraded to a Dynavector 10x.


Please contact me at: < [email protected] >  for info on custom plinth builds, and check out my Youtube channel of the same name."



editor's note: Round Two Vintage Audio is Jeff's company.