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Thorens TD316

April 13th, 2004,


The Netherlands,

Dear Steve,

My name is Jan de Groot from Holland and I'm a great fan of the Thorens 3xx series.  I was a service engineer in 1985-1995 and had a great experience with Thorens, Luxman and B&W, later in 1995 till 2000, I was one of the designers of Sphinx High End Audio. From 2000 till know I fulfill the function of Head Technical department of a Dutch Telecom company, my hobby is designing High End Audio, like Power Stages etc.

TD-3xx series: In my opinion, the TD-3xx series is the best turntable ever built for his money. With his heavy sub-chassis and stable frame, a real masterpiece. The modified turntable TD-316 I've bought, is second hand (100€). The tone arm is a collectors item and for almost 20years in my possession. The rest is pure labor and passion for vinyl recordings. Hereby the pictures for your Thorens Gallery. These pictures are from a modified Thorens TD-316,

I've modified the following items of the turntable:

Electronic upgrade to a TD318. (Quick start button with Blue ring LED)
Veneer from black to Cherry wood, with six layer transparent lacquer, all polished.
Replaced the TP-21 tone arm with a Micro Seiki CF-1 tone arm.
CEC made mounting plate for the CF-1 tone arm.
The hole for the old lift switch used for the LP Gear Zero™ tool.
Placed two WBT 0244 RCA sockets at the rear panel.
Heavy metal power supply connector and ground terminal placed at the rear panel.
Ortofon MC-10 Super cartridge for vinyl groove contact.

The electronic drawing in jpg format at your site is very uncomfortable to work with it. So, I redraw the technical papers of the TD-3xx. These are drawn in Protel and printed in pfd format.


I hope you like the pictures and the pdf technical drawings of the TD-3xx.

Sincerely yours,

Jan de Groot


[email protected]

[email protected]