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JD's 301 Grease Bearing project


October 2006

Above photo, recent status: Garrard 301 schedule one, SME 3012 series one, Koetsu Black. Plinth version 3.o, stacked baltic birchply.

see article on this site: No. 6435 for full details and the story of it.  Link



May, 2006

Here are a few snapshots of various pivotal phases in my Garrard 301 project.

The last (below in color... ed.) and most current version is a Baltic Birch stacked-ply plinth, a high mass design, with a fairly wide footprint, and a low center of gravity.

On the subject of gravity, an explanation of the clamping-press procedure is in order. To get an absolutely square front-edge profile while laminating with hot hide-glue, it was necessary to design a ‘kneeling press’ that could be gravity-loaded, clamped, and then up-righted to cure. More detail about this on the Plinth page of my Garrard Project site, titled № 6435 , linked below.


The two earlier plinths here are the simple servicing jig, a utility plinth which can be positioned on any side for adjustments, even upside-down, as the tall side panels protect switches and spindle. The ‘armboard’ in this case is a rudimentary bolt-on fitting to facilitate a quick arm attachment for monitoring & evaluating adjustments.


And the high-mass uni-plinth, chiselled out of a solid section of laminated roof-beam and fitted with a sliding armboard. This approach allows an internal shape that closely conforms to the undercarriage of the 301, an aid to absorbing mechanical resonance.







132_3242_1gs.jpg (53984 bytes) 9_clamping_press9.jpg.jpg (78836 bytes) 8_edge-lineup8.jpg.jpg (46843 bytes) 7_clamping_press7.jpg.jpg (66420 bytes)  

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JD301templ_1.jpg (187167 bytes)  JD301_10.jpg (78359 bytes) JD301_19.jpg (64789 bytes)  JD301_18.jpg (128228 bytes)

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For more details on this project see this link: No. 6435