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Jean Veys

Thorens TD124 MkII

Jean Veys' comments:

"I started with a VPI TNT that I transformed into a huge Twin Platters Rim Drive Turntable.

After (that) I started the TD124 project with my father's MKII , designed a slate plinth and tonearmboard .

Now I realize the Lenco L75 PTP3 project with a design in slate that can use the same TD 124 removable tonearmboard, all the story is developed on the new www.lencoheaven.net site.

The next project is Garrard 301 hammer grey grease and 401 also in slate with same TD124 tonearmboard .

This will permit the fair comparison between all those idler classic turntables using same plinth, arm and system.

Tonearm is Graham Phantom.
Cartridge is Jan Allaerts Finish Gold.
Phonopre is Tron Seven.
Amp is McIntosh Mc275 Telefunken/Philips tube.
Speakers are Quad ESL 57 OTA refurbished.

Best regards.

Jean from Brussels."


JVtd124II_2.JPG (105325 bytes)

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