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Jeremy's comments:

".......here are a few of my turntables, first is a russco studio pro B , in a diy Padauk wood plinth with diy acrylic armboard and fidelity research fr 54 tonearm, denon dl103R. second is my garrard 401 with diy layered baltic birch plywood plinth ( all 63lbs of it!) with sme 3009 and audio technica atp 12t tonearm with orsonic headshell, denon dl 103.  also included is my DIY turntable built using a platter from a transcriptors hydraulic reference turntable, diy 12" drumstick unipiviot tonearm and 9" flat zebrawood unipiviot.  lastly is a quick pic of the system, all vintage McIntosh and sonus faber. "