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JH (Canada)

Thorens TD147 Jubilee, Circa 1983

The standard TP16III tonearm was removed in favor of this SME 3009/S2 Improved mounted on a "Sound Support Armboard" from the UK.  The change disabled the auto-lift feature.  However, the owner says this isn't an issue for his listening style, and the modification does not preclude the original arm and auto-lift function being restored if desired.  To the left is a Pro-Ject Speed Box II which is compatible with the table's 16 volt motor functions as an optional controller.

JHTD147JUB_2.jpg (225447 bytes) hint, click on thumbnail to view full sized photo

Above photo: inside the box.  This photo was taken prior to any tinkering being done by the owner.  Note the dampening material and the extra heavy cabinetry.  These features were also found on the TD160 Super.  The TD147 Jubilee was made by Thorens in limited numbers to commemorate the company's 100th year in 1983.