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Notes from Jim:

Here's the history of the table. I bought it around 1982 or there about. I actually bought it at the old Federated Group when they went belly-up and had an auction on their left over stuff. I think I paid around $90. It was one of the rarer 160MK2's that came sans arm. I took it to Absolute Audio in Santa Ana and had them install a Grace 707 and one of the old Canada Music Mats and a Grado cartridge. I used it in that configuration up until about 2 months ago when I decided to do a few mods, mostly cosmetic.

I replaced the original silver base with an oak base that I made. I also removed the speed change mechanism and installed a simple rocker switch for power. While apart, I painted the top black for a different look. I also ordered but haven't installed as of yet some cone isolation feet. The most important change was the upgrade to the Moth (Rega) RB-250 arm and the Benz Micro MC20E cartridge. I did use the original arm wiring but it terminates about 3 inches from the arm into a homemade RCA box using gold RCA plugs. This allows me to play with various cables.

I've been asked where I got the arm board but I simply reused the original. (Grace) The RB-250 uses a larger hole than the Grace so I was able to simply re-drill using a drill press and a good hole saw. My next mod will be to change the stock counter weight to a stainless steel weight and stub. Since I have a lathe, I intend to tackle that myself. I use the phono stage in my Musical Fidelity A32cr preamp, an Anthem Amp2SE, Magnepan 1.6QR's, Audioquest GR8 cable, Tara Labs 33i & 55i interconnects. Just to be controversial, a Music Hall CD25 cd deck.


Jim Blackburn, Lake Elsinore, CA, http://www.dreamsoft.com/wb6yaw