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Jing Atienza' Garrard 401



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Rofiel Kabatay wrote:

".....This Garrard 401 was purchased by me from ebay for my brother in law, Jing Atienza of Batangas, Philippines. The unit came with it's original plywood boxed plinth that he used for almost a year before he finally decided to have a proper plinth made. I knew from the start that I'd be using the heavy mass style plinth using 8 layers of 3/4" Phenolic plywood. The dimensions are 22" X 24" X 6", dictated by the use of 12" Grace P660 and a 9" Ortofon AS212 tonearms. Jing wanted a Piano-black finish at first but I was able to convince him to go with the White instead to highlight the 401 and the tonearms. I feel that we made the right decision, if I may say so myself. The cartridges that he alternately uses are the classic Shure M7D and a Grado Sonata for the Grace and an Empire 2000E and a Benz Micro MC20E for the Ortofon. I won't bother too much with the sound description except to say that the set up is very musical and that the difference between the original and heavy mass plinth is dramatic! He uses a JE Labs PP 2A3 amp with a JE Labs pre amp as well. His speakers at the moment are a pair of Jensen Duettes but he's also saving up for a mini VOTT system."