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Joachim Bung's Thorens TD124 MKII......and TD121 (page down)


Above photo: TD124 mk II

JB_FR66SKopie_.jpg (124265 bytes)

Joachim's comments:

".....Some details:

This table is fully restored by Schopper; Complete motor and chassis restoration, Schopper main bearing and Schopper 5kg non-magnetic flywheel.  Extended "Maxplank" base by Martin Bastin, luxury burl wood veneer like the dashboard of a Bentley.  Mint Fidelity Research FR 66-S tonearm with Base B60 and Ortofon SPU N cartridge, piano black arm board.  High serial number, too (#92407) probably produced in late 1967....."



Joachim Bung's Thorens TD121 (below)

Thorens TD 121 with Ortofon ST104 base
Rek-O-Kut S160 tonearm on extended & oversized Schopper armboard
Auriol Pickup Control
Shure M77 pickup

Joachim's comments:

" just a few details concerning my TD121, which came to market in 1962.  This budget model was NEVER sold in Europe.   It was only sold in the US and Canada in very limited quantities - only about 2,000 were made.  The motor only worked with 117V/60hz current and could not be switched to 230V/50hz.  so I had to buy an extra E-50 motor  for Jurg Schopper who restored my TD121, to use in Germany.  Sales of the TD121 were really poor.  Even in 1968 it was still available - when Stereophile recommended the table with ADC Pritchard arm as part of a mid-priced hi-fi set."

JB_Aufmacher-4.jpg (184601 bytes) TD121 with 12-inch Shure Dynetic M216 tonearm

JB_ESL_2000.jpg (188374 bytes) TD121 with 9 inch ESL 2000 tonearm

JB_Fairchild.jpg (179575 bytes) TD121 with 9 inch Fairchild 282 A tonearm

Next three photos: TD121 with General Electric TM-2 G tonearm. (tonearm mfr. circa 1959)

JB_1TD121GE-Tonarm_web.jpg (202704 bytes) JB_2_GE_Tonarm_Gegengewicht_web.jpg (213985 bytes) JB_3GE-Tonarm_Kopf_web.jpg (199149 bytes)