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Thorens TD125


upgrades: The SME M2-9, Benz Micro Glider M2 MC cartridge.  Thorens Stabilizer record weight.  Playing the Thorens 125th anniversary Lp.






JBH125_2.JPG (126916 bytes)

JH's comments:

".......anyway, your basic unit -- early run with the bolt in, as opposed to stamped in, bearing well.  Don't know the history except it came out of the US via Audiogon with a beat up armboard and no tonearm.  The latter has been reconditioned and had an SME3009 S2 Improved installed along with a Grado Sonata cartridge.

Acquired a new hard metal thrustplate from Joel ( violette on the VE) as well as a new belt and bearing oil kit.  The platter mat is a combination cork and ISOPlatmat which is much better than the original (dead) rubber.  Nordost Pulsar Points have been affixed with Blu-Tak to the corners of the plinth (the cheap baseboard removed for now and a heavy MDF to come) and then the table is mounted on a Lovan platform for virtually complete isolation......

Cheers, JH (Canada)"