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John Kritikos's Thorens TD124

jktd 124 2.jpg (170601 bytes)  JK_GEDC0189.jpg (130608 bytes) JK_GEDC0190.jpg (102117 bytes) JK_GEDC0199.jpg (122643 bytes)JK_GEDC0202.jpg (142841 bytes)

John's comments:

"Here is my finished TD 124 with Rega RB 1000 and Grado Statement Sonata (sounds better than I had thought it would, good dynamics).

Maintenance required to get it going was as follows;

Changed bearing thrust pad and added correct thorens oil, from Joel. Lubricated the motor, added a new strobe mirror and window, cleaned Idler which was perfectly round. I also the polished spindle bearing and bearing well al-la Joels advice and products and used beeswax and elbow grease on the base. To top it all off I also the cream colored aluminum base but it looked great to begin with. I also installed a new belt and cleaned and lubed throughout.

It now runs perfectly silent and on the correct speed. It also looks amazing."


And a Thorens TD125 with SME 3009 S2

JK_GEDC0160.jpg (164943 bytes) JK_GEDC0079.jpg (92748 bytes)