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Jon Agner

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Jon's comments:

" Just sharing with you guys what I've learned from the analog department.  Well, it's not a Thorens nor a Garrard, but it's a complete DIY turntable.  The plinth is of solid wood.  The platter is made of 1/2 inch thick tempered glass.  The subplatter and bearing assembly is of aluminium and stainless steel.  The tonearm is a dual pivot bearing with a three point adjustable post for easy adjustment of VTA.  Armwand is carved from a locally grown Ebony wood.

Turntable: DIY turntable and tonearm.
cartridge: Koetsu Rosewood Standard
phonostage: Battery powered Cambridge Azur 640P
Amplifiers: TONO Audio 12au7 pre amp and TB 2A3 SET
Speakers: Beyma 8 AG/N in Mass Loaded TQWT speaker cabinet


Jon Agner

Manila, Philippines