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Jon's notes:

im on unemployment and the stock market is crashing,war,sars,new music sucks,j-lo is getting married again,im grey and balding,but sometimes ,somewhere there is a speck of light ,a dim light flickering at the end of the tunnel,a beacon ,a bright personal beacon of pride that makes a simple mans life worthwhile,some music,good music from the past played on my newly finished project.my thorens TD-150.bought a couple of them for 70 bucks apiece,put the parts together added a sme 3009 tonearm with a shure v15 mk3,and mounted on a custom cherry armboard.i even have an original dustcover on this badboy.sure beats the ole JVC with audio technica cartridge.well,heres to shutting out the world in an audio prison of my own making ,the stereo room.sucking on some cheap bourbon and listening to ELP works.yes its all vintage 70's again in my sound hole.got a adcom gfp 555 mk2 preamp and a pair of fan cooled vintage adcom gfa 1-a power amps running one pair of jbl 4411 control monitors and the other amp drives a pair of infinity column 2's mint condit,circa '76.captain beefheart never sounded so good.thanks for your time.cha.


page update: 1/10/2004

Jons notes: "Here's how I did tweaking for less than $30.00 "  Majority of the cost was $19.95 for cone feet.

1) Jonb_1.jpg (31039 bytes)

above photo #1: original TD150 stripped bare including cue knob, and rattly speed change mechanism

2)Jonb_2.jpg (44015 bytes)

above photo #2: damped underside edges with silicone tub sealant, felt damped power switch

3)Jonb_3.jpg (47207 bytes)

above photo #3: stuck a rubber band around the motor housing, ditched junk speed change mechanism, hand works better

4)Jonb_4.jpg (61747 bytes)

above photo #4: putting a damper on things!  lightweight nylon damping on floating subchassis, heavier asphalt based damping on the rest

5)Jonb_5.jpg (65309 bytes)

above photo #5: power reinforcement of rails glued inside the plinth

6)Jonb_6.jpg (68133 bytes)

above photo #6: add final damping material and SME arm unit is almost ready for three quarter inch MDF bottom

7)Jonb_7.jpg (62970 bytes)

above photo #7: damped inside of thick MDF bottom

8)Jonb_8.jpg (37495 bytes)

above photo #8: bottom of base with nice adjustable heavy cone steel feet installed.(i may change this to be just 3 cones in the future)

9)Jonb_9.jpg (37171 bytes)

above photo #9: underview of MDF bottom and tiptoe feet

10)Jonb_10.jpg (41664 bytes)

above photo #10: top view damped and level installed over hole where cue knob was

11)Jonb_11.jpg (58105 bytes)

above photo #11: check this action for a knob hole cover! (a stick on rubber furniture foot with a hole cut out to hold the bubble level) also blue tack between Thorens logo and armboard.

12)Jonb_12.jpg (63149 bytes)

above photo #12: homemade mat (editors note: diy version of Nonefelt)


above photo #13: unit is leveled and ready to go, added heavy duty nuts and bolts to secure armboard to floating sub-chassis.  Mat, damping material, adjustable spike feet, all courtesy of online company (parts express).

14)Jonb_15.jpg (24345 bytes)

above photo #14: this sucker sounds awesome ,is solid as a rock.sounds better than a Linn LP12.( probably cause ive never heard one)i need a new mission now.think itll be a TD-160.cha,jon.jpg