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system details:

Joseph Audio RM25XL Speakers

Trans-Fi Terminator Air Bearing Tonearm (which I would like to upgrade to the newest model), Wisa aqaurium pump, home made surge tank

Benz Micro Ace S Low Output Cartridge

VPI Scout w/ 300 RPM Motor, HRX Clamp, feet and a Funk Firm Record Mat


NAD M5 SACD Player (thinking about trying the new Sony 5400ES)

Musical Surroundings Nova Phenomona Battery Phono Stage

ModWright SWL9.0SE Preamp w/ NOS tubes

Rogue Audio 88 Tube Amplifier (taking it tomorrow to Rogue to upgrade to the Stereo 90)

Soild Tech Audio Rack

Cables: just sold some Audioquest Sky (you can see in one of the photos of the tonearm) and Niagra (to get amp upgrade), so I am using some older XLO, just bought a .5 meter XLO Reference 3 RCA interconnect for between CD player and preamp, have a pair of MAC Silver cables coming, I like silver cables but I think I can get close to the sound of the AQ w/o spending a lot of money, probably going to try other silver cables under $200.00 meter, like to get a good affordable cable between tonearm and phono stage. Various power cords, LessLoss, Tributaries, room treatments.