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Dirk Linsenbach  (Germany)

System Details:

Turntable: Klangtraum DL2 *

Arm: SME 309 mod. with pure silver cables

Cartridge: BENZ-MICRO L2

Phonopreamp: Berendsen PPRE blue edition

Preamp: Berendsen Pre / PSU also PPRE blue edition

Poweramps (Mono): Berendsen ES120 red edition

CD-Player: Sony CDP 555 es

Speaker: Lithophon 'Cabaret'

NF cables: Berendsen Bluelink (pure silver), IXOS silver

LS cables: Laurin reference cal (pure silver)

Music played: Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz and a little bit Classic (1500 Lp's and 300 Cd's)


* additional turntable info:

Klangtraum DL2

High Mass design weighing 30 kg.

Platter: Acrylic (5 kg)

Plinth: Neroassoluto stone and MDF

Bearing: inverted