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About The Klein Bottle

Author: Steve Clarke (webmaster)

Last update: 12/11/2019


Above: cad image of the concept as drawn.

But.....what does it do?.......  More about that further down the page.

Meanwhile here is fragment of its history: The Klein Bottle was first described by German Mathematician Felix Klein circa 1882. (source: Wikipedia)  Wikipedia describes the Klein Bottle as an example of a non-orientable surface.  A two-dimensional manifold against which a system for determining a normal vector cannot be consistently defined.  Informally, it is a one-sided surface which, if traveled upon, could be followed back to the point of origin while flipping the traveler upside down. ...

For myself I've been in something of a search mode.  I've been searching for odd geometries I can draw in CAD, then print in 3D.  


Now I have these.  



Klein Bottle #8.
material: ABS British Racing Green  ;-)
Process: draw solid model in CAD, 3D print, Post print processing

Notes on Klein Bottle #8.  This object takes 24 hours to print. (per object)  Post-print processing takes an additional 30 hours.  Some of that is actual work involving de-burr and then sanding its exterior surfaces smooth.   The rest of the time is consumed in an acetone vapor chamber.  The acetone vapor melts the outer surfaces of the object and, when done properly, produces a smooth shiny exterior surface.  I should also note that when the acetone vapor process is carried out improperly the object can be destroyed with its surfaces melted down too far.

DSC_2996.jpg (153916 bytes) DSC_3005.jpg (124538 bytes) DSC_3006.jpg (121223 bytes) DSC_3008.jpg (149899 bytes) DSC_3014.jpg (265441 bytes)

Drawn in Rhino Ver. 5 

But....what does it do? 

Well it's like this, and being an audiophile, I use it in my listening room as follows: I place mine anywhere within the sound field produced by my speakers for a highly questionable maximum benefit.  For instance it does not improve the sound quality of my speakers in any perceivable way.  Not one bit.  Nor does it improve or otherwise enhance watching blue-ray movies on my flat screen TV.  After some time-consuming consideration I've discovered that with this device in the room it does not in any way affect room acoustics. For instance, this room does not suffer the deleterious effects of standing waves, or early reflections.  But if it did, I'm certain that this Klein Bottle's presence within this room would not alter those effects, if there were any.  Additionally there is the issue of of high sound pressure levels that normally occur in room corners.  By placing this Klein bottle in my most notorious room corner, I was able to determine, while using a sound pressure level decible meter, that its presence in no way altered the sonic pressures of that particular room corner.  Not one bit.  But that's not all.  No, there's more but I'm sure you get the idea.

But....what does it do?  That's the thing.  What does it do!  

The photos below are of a printed and processed Klein Bottle #8 In black ABS 

DSC_2951.jpg (142123 bytes) hint: click on thumbnail to view image full size. 

DSC_2954.jpg (161051 bytes) DSC_2957.jpg (137701 bytes)  DSC_2973.jpg (602339 bytes) DSC_2974.jpg (385922 bytes) 

DSC_2975.jpg (318188 bytes) DSC_2977.jpg (362154 bytes) DSC_2979.jpg (531832 bytes) DSC_2960.jpg (484085 bytes)  



Klein Bottle #5
Material: PLA
Process: Model in CAD, 3D print, minor deburr

KB5concept_5.jpg (99309 bytes) KB5concept_6.jpg (93508 bytes) hint: click on thumbnail to view image full size.

Above: Cad model of the subject in shaded view.  Software: Rhino 3D V5

DSC_2701edits.jpg (154126 bytes) DSC_2707edits.jpg (151150 bytes) DSC_2708edits.jpg (139685 bytes)

  DSC_2715edits.jpg (126715 bytes) DSC_2726edits.jpg (118795 bytes) DSC_2706edits.jpg (165390 bytes) DSC_2703edits.jpg (119909 bytes)

Above 7 images are of the 3D printed Klein Bottle


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