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SME knife edge bearing

An after market bronze knife edge saddle procured from an ebay seller in Taiwan

DSC_5653.jpg (181086 bytes) DSC_5654.jpg (225531 bytes) DSC_5655.jpg (135813 bytes)

For comparison a close up detail of the SME manufactured steel knife edge saddle.

DSC_5658.jpg (114181 bytes) DSC_5661.jpg (88310 bytes) DSC_5663.jpg (214920 bytes)

DSC_5664.jpg (219929 bytes) DSC_5666.jpg (128241 bytes) DSC_5667.jpg (75335 bytes) DSC_5668.jpg (116040 bytes)

DSC_5669.jpg (219856 bytes) DSC_5670.jpg (170998 bytes) DSC_5671.jpg (188756 bytes) DSC_5673.jpg (264294 bytes) DSC_5674.jpg (178809 bytes)

DSC_5736.jpg (223181 bytes) DSC_5746.jpg (92993 bytes)


Above image.  Shows linear distances traveled as the knife edge bearing rotates.  The bronze saddle with the wider flat moves a greater distance both vertically and laterally as the bearing rotates.