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The Lenco Gallery

This page is devoted to examples of the Swiss made Lenco turntables

RE_lenco_1a.jpg (529096 bytes) R. Eugenio's "Spirit of 75" Lenco based project  ( PI )

IMG_1797_rs.jpg (307491 bytes) Ferruccio's Lenco Military PLS-66 (Switzerland)


  Ferruccio's Lenco's (Switzerland)


PF Lenco L75.jpg (349800 bytes) Peter F........ Lenco L75 (Australia)

S_Oxley's modified Lenco collection (UK)

IMG_0088edits.jpg (336385 bytes) K_Valliant's Bogen  B62 (USA)

Baby 1.jpg (55030 bytes)Win Tinnon's Lenco based "Backstage Pass" (USA)

Paul Woodger's Lenco collection (UK - Scotland)

LK4_a.jpg (131997 bytes) Marc White's OMA Lenco L75 (USA)

User Guides & manuals for Lenco apps.

The Wand Tonearm to fit a Lenco L75 guide_pdf