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Luca D's Thorens TD160 Super

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Luca's comments:

"I have a thorens td-160 super that I recently finished restoring.

......... Here is a little description of the table itself and the work I put in to it.  It is a 160super with cherry wood finished plinth.  I installed a Jelco 750d armboard purchased from Soundsupports , the armboard of course houses the Jelco 750d fluid damped tonearm.  The platter was polished and shined with steel wool and metal polish.  A brand new thorens belt was installed as the old one was no longer any good.  Also, all controls were lubed and cleaned as well as the motor , I've added sewing machine oil, it now runs like new! The platter mat was replaced by one that is made of cork material.  The cartridge used is a audio technica at130e new old stock.  The suspension was fully adjusted by me , the table gives a good bounce.  Finally, I drilled a hole of over an inch diameter on the bottom plate to accommodate the clearance of the Jelco tonearm cable, the plate was also spray painted with a glossy piano black paint giving it a gloss finish.  To finish it off, I installed 4 golden brass spikes to use as isolation feet."


System details:

Musical Fidelity a300 integrated amplifier
Rotel RCD-1070 cd player
Audio Technica AT-130e NOS Cartridge ( I have a few  Audio Technica NOS Carts AT155LC , AT125LC AT20SLA )
B&W DM601 S3 Speakers
Graham Slee AMP 2 SE Phono Stage
Van Den Hul Wiring