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Michael Prendergast's Thorens TD124

MPtd124_0450.jpg (150816 bytes)

MP_Fi_1.jpg (343444 bytes) MP_Fi_2.jpg (376254 bytes)

Mike's comments:


"It could not be any more synergistic than a TD 124, (mk 1, #34069, motor stamped 8/62),

mated with a Fi (Don Garber) pre-amp and amp. Garber use's a 124 and Garrard 301 for

tuning his (art) creation's and even here the 124 hold's it's own as a visual work of integrity.

A unique sonic and visual combo, considering the 50 year spread in design and construction.

Mate the 124 with a Rega arm and a AT 33ev MC cartridge and let the good time's roll.

(Also, I'm sure the cream color contributes to the warm inviting sound scape, ha ha.)"