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New life for a 55 year old Thorens TD-124; Mike Zimon's Thorens TD124

mz122019_2.jpg (262464 bytes) mz122019_3.jpg (254283 bytes) mz122019_4.jpg (183204 bytes) hint: click on thumbnail to view image full size.

mz_plinth-1-res.jpg (308203 bytes) mz_plinth-3-res.jpg (285414 bytes) mz_plinth-4-res.jpg (286287 bytes) mz_plinth-5-res.jpg (348682 bytes)

 Mike's comments:  I am sending shots of my restoration project "New life for a 55 year old Thorens TD-124"

Plinth builds are from 7 layers of 18mm birch ply

cut on CNC machine,

covered with walnut veneer and oil-based varnish.

Specially made two-layer leg-insulators and the tonearm armboard.

Thorens Td124 chassis serial no. 49640 ( mfr circa ~ 1964)

This unit has the non-magnetic platter installed.

Motor and bearing restored.


All the work was done by me at home.   Many thanks to my friend Felix for his help to glue the veneer.

Tonearm SME 3012 MKII, Cartridge Ortofon SPU Meister Silver GM MK ll .


Thank you,