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Mahler, Gustav  1860 - 1911

composer, conductor


Mahler assortment_2015.jpg (652352 bytes) Collection as of 12/2015 on Lp.

Kubelik/Symphonie Orchestra Des Bayerischen, Symphonies Rundfunks

Symphonys # 3,5,6,8,9


Abravanel/Utah Symphony,: Symphonys No. 1 thru 9 (complete cycle)

Walter/NYPO:  Symphony No. 1

Walter/Vienna Symphonic Orchestra: Song of the Earth

Klemperer / New Philharmonic Orchestra: Symphony No. 9

Klemperer/Philharmonia Orchestra: Symphony No. 4

Klemper/Vienna Symphonic Orchestra: Symphony No. 2

Klemper/New Philharmonic Orchestra: Song of the Earth

Haitink / Concertgebouw Orchestra, Amsterdam: Symphony No. 5

Tennstedt/London Philharmonic: Symphony No. 4

Horenstein/London Symphony: Symphony No. 1

Leinsdorf/Boston Symphonic Orchestra: Symphony No. 1

Bernstein/NYPO: Symphony No. 3

Reiner/Chicago Symphony: Symphony No. 4


DSC_2840.jpg (308082 bytes)




DSC_3928.JPG (271951 bytes) collection of performances on r2r, Lp and CD. (3/7/09) (more coming)

Start: Lower row - End: upper row

Bernstein/Mahler Nos. 1 & 2, New York Philharmonic,  (R2R 4-Track) Columbia

Solti/Mahler Nos. 5,6,7, Chicago Philharmonic (R2R 4-track) London

Reiner/Mahler No. 4, Cpo, RCA,  Solti/Mahler No. 1, LSO, London FFRR (Lps)

Kubelik Mahler Nos. 5,6,8  Symphonie-Orchester Des Bayerischen Rundfunks,  (Lp) DG

Rattle, Mahler No. 9, Berliner Philharmoniker, CD, EMI


Columbia  SL218

No1walt_a.JPG (198999 bytes) Bruno Walter/Mahler No.1 

Deluxe packaging.  The jackets are glossy laminates.

No1walt_b.JPG (344682 bytes) The back side outer jacket photographs and illustrations of the man, from the day.

No1walt_c.JPG (214472 bytes) printed, autographed label

No1walt_d.JPG (386365 bytes) inner jacket in stiff laminated paper with much text

No1walt_f.JPG (498101 bytes) other side inner jacket, with personal letters from Mahler (large photo size for reading.)

Leinsdorf / Mahler symphony No. 1

RCA LM-2642

DSC_5426.jpg (202717 bytes) DSC_5421.jpg (168335 bytes) DSC_5423.jpg (307532 bytes)

DSC_5425.jpg (143962 bytes) DSC_5427.jpg (252063 bytes) DSC_5428.jpg (245411 bytes)



No3KuDg.JPG (184561 bytes) Kubelik/Mahler No.3 DG

No3Lennie.JPG (138798 bytes) Bernstein/Mahler No.3 Columbia

No3Lennie_a.JPG (92752 bytes)

No4Reinrca.JPG (135774 bytes) Reiner/Mahler No.4 RCA

DSC_4628.JPG (149140 bytes)Klemperer/Mahler No. 4 Angel, performance 1962, pressing is obviously later

DSC_2243.jpg (286739 bytes) Klemperer/Mahler 3 record display.

DSC_4629.JPG (650998 bytes) (file is large for reading the program notes) DSC_4630.JPG (104994 bytes)

No5KuDg.JPG (182618 bytes) Kubelik/Mahler No.5 DG

No6KuDg.JPG (219617 bytes) Kubelik/Mahler No.6 DG

No8KuDg.JPG (175623 bytes) Kubelik/Maher No.8 DG

No9klempie.JPG (95091 bytes) Klemperer/Mahler No.9 Angel

No9priv.JPG (157914 bytes) Kubelik/Mahler No. 9  DG Privilege label, thin vinyl (pressed in England)


DSC_6235.jpg (293801 bytes)

Abra_Mahler_2.jpg (427061 bytes) Abravanel / Utah Symphony:  Mahler Symphony No. 2

Historic performances on cd

pccd444a.JPG (152238 bytes) pccd444.JPG (145364 bytes) Here is a compilation of historic Mahler performances that is available on compact disc. Ordinarily, I will avoid any mention of digital sources on this website.  In the case where the listener needs access to early performances that aren't commonly available on vinyl, the cd becomes a convenient and welcome medium.  In this case, every performance on the cd was performed during the 78 era....and before the popular use of magnetic tape.  So these are transcriptions that have been restored to digital mediums.  The Walter/Mahler No.9 from 1938 sounds amazingly good.