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Turntable manuals.  Tonearm Manuals.  Electronics schematics.  Phono cartridge manuals.  These manuals are offered freely for private use*.  Feel free to copy any of these files to your computer.  

These online manuals are offered in either pdf or html format.  Uppermost are the pdf manuals. Scroll down the page for the html manuals.

Technics SP10 data

SP10 mkII mounting drawings in pdf format

THORENS Turntable Manuals in PDF

The following user manuals are in Adobe PDF format.  You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to read them.  Acrobat Reader is offered by Adobe as freeware and can be downloaded at the following link:


TD111 Manual in English

TD115 Manual in German and English (large file zipped)

TD124  Manual in English

TD124 Service Manual in English

TD124 cut template scans for plinth design

TD125 MkII Manual in Eng/Ger/Fr

TD125 MK1 & MKII Service Manual, Eng/Ger/Fr

TD126 MkIII User Manual in Eng/Fr/Ger

TD126 MkIII Service Manual in German

TD146 Manual in Eng/Ger/Fr (Compliment to TD166 Manual)

TD147 Owners manual, Ger/Eng/Fr

TD150 mk1 owners manual, German/French

TD150 mk1 owners manual, UK

TD150 MkII Manual in Eng

TD150 Mk1&Mk2 service manual

TD160 Manual in Eng/Ger/Fr

TD165 Manual, Eng/Ger/Fr

TD166 Manual in Eng/Ger/Fr (All you ever want to know)

TD166_sv Manual in English

TD180_service manual Eng/Ger

TD318 & 316 manual in Eng/Ger/Fr thanks to Ilidio Santos for this upload.

TD320 Manual in Eng/Ger/Fr

TD524 Owners Manual in English

TD524 Service Manual in German

Thorens Disc-Contact vacuum platter mat manual

Thorens parts and pieces For Sale

Electronics Schematics

TD125mk2board_sm.jpg (108594 bytes)Thorens TD125 MK II circuit board photos and parts list

Note: these Linn documents below are made available for those who might modify a Thorens player with the Valhalla electronic motor controller.  Uploads courtesy of Sergey Didkovsky.

Schematic, Linn Valhalla (pdf)
Schematic, Linn Valhalla (pdf)
Valhalla Parts List (pdf)
Valhalla Repair manual (pdf)


TD3xx electronics schematic Courtesy of Jan de Groot (Netherlands)

TD3xx page 1
TD3xx page 2
TD3xx page 3

Tonearm Manuals

The Wand tonearm to fit the TD160_165_166 family_pdf

The Wand tonearm to fit a Thorens TD316,318,320_pdf

The Wand tonearm to fit a Lenco L75_pdf

The Wand tonearm to fit Technics pdf

more info on The Wand tonearm: link


ATP12_16 spec sheet (spec sheet only)

Thorens TP14 tonearm

Thorens TP16 Mk iv tonearm


SME Tonearm Manuals, Data Sheets and Tutorials


SME3009 S2 (older steel brg type)

SME2fc.jpg (56436 bytes)SME 3009 Series II Improved user manual


Detail photos of SME 3009 S2 Improved

Detail Photos of a Bronze knife edge brg

SME3009Series III

SME3009Series III info sheet No. 24 (pge 1)  (pge 2) useful info for arm/cart resonance, addition of ballast, and effective mass chart of series II, II imp., series III, series IIIs, 3009-R, 3010-R, 3012-R tonearms.

SME FD200 damper kit manual

SME 3822 Flexy Link image #1

SME 3822 Flexy Link image #2

Restoring An Audio Classic: The SME 3009 Series II Tonearm.  By Brian Kearns


Phono Cartridge Manuals

Dynavector 20A2 pdf

Phono stage / Phono Preamp Manuals

Wright WPP100 B/C phono preamp ( pdf )

Turntable Manuals in HTML

12517.jpg (192997 bytes) Service Manual, TD125 and TD125 MkII courtesy of Rolf Kelch Electronics

Cover copy.gif (20767 bytes) Service Manual, TD145, TD160, TD165 courtesy of Mark Siebers (AKA MAS)

Scanned Image  0045.jpg (96065 bytes) Owners Manual, TD110

3xx14.jpg (174599 bytes) Service Manual, TD316 thru TD321courtesy of Rolf Kelch Electronics

1b.jpg (47214 bytes) Fitting an SME to a TD321

520ad_2.jpg (113401 bytes) Service Manual, TD520 and TD521 courtesy of Rolf Kelch Electronics

Thorens TD150 AB Mk I User Manual, html

frontcoverweb.jpg (105560 bytes) Thorens TD 150 Mk II User Manual, html courtesy of Dave Roberts (Retro-Hi-Fi)

td150cabtemplate.jpg (214999 bytes) TD150mkII interior cabinet dimensions courtesy of Sergey Didkovsky

FrontCover.jpg (59745 bytes) Thorens TD 160 Mk I User Manual, html

Cover_f.jpg (71398 bytes) Thorens TD 160 Mk II User Manual, html

160_s_man_front.jpg (44629 bytes) Thorens TD160 Mk II and TD160S User Manual.html

316manfrontweb.jpg (74006 bytes) TD316-318 user manual

Td2001Man 001.jpg (50233 bytes) TD2001 user manual

Supplementary Sheet, TP-62  (for MK II TD160)

Instruction Sheet, TP63

Linn LP-12 setup manual in html. Due to the similarities in design between the LP12 and certain three-spring Thorens models, the Linn manual is offered as a useful comparison.


TD2001_1dwg.jpg (164285 bytes) New...! Thorens technical drawings from the old factory at Lahr, Germany


Production Data, various models produced, dates of production

Official Thorens parts list: Thorens Spare Part Numbers


Thorens Headquarters:



TELEPHONE: ++41(0)61 813 0336 . FAX: ++41(0)61 813 0339



Reel to Reel tape machine manuals:  ( PDF )

Otari Reel to Reel machines

MX5050 BII parts list
MX5050 instruction manual (service and operations)
MX5050 BII instruction manual (service and operations)
MX5011 ops and maintenance

MX5050 BII ad brochure

A77_Top_a.jpg (103948 bytes) Revox A-77 User Manual and Handbook  

Scanned by the Webmaster.


5010__Front Page.jpg (706189 bytes) JVC 5010 Receiver manual in pdf

Scanned by the Webmaster










Some of the PDF manuals were donated from the website link below 



* The files on this page are free and in the public domain.  They are not to be offered elsewhere for sale.