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Analog sources
Pro-ject 2.9 wood turntable with yamaha mc cartridge 
quad fm 4 tuner 

Digital sources
sony cdp xa 2 es cd player 
sony vaio 3 mHz with terratec 24 bit soundcard

quad 44 pre-amp mm and mc input 
diy power amp (sanken transistors) toroidal transformers , dual mono ( everything )
diy pre-amp ( analog divices integrated components) alps black velvet potmeter

Harbeth ls 3/5 a 
Rogers ls 3/5 a

Stax headphones ( modified with silver cable )

Speaker cables
van den Hull hybride speaker cable
Mit Mogami speaker cable
van den Hull cs 122

monitor interlink tuner - preamp
pre-amp - power amp
turntable - pre-amp
diy interlink silver wire cd-player pre-amp
diy interlink silver wire 24 bit sound card ( computer ) - pre-amp

Yagi antenna 6 elements with 116" boom

Marcel Janssen, Netherlands