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Marc White's OMA Lenco L75

LK1_a.jpg (155615 bytes) LK2_a.jpg (147252 bytes) LK3_a.jpg (139488 bytes)

LK5_a.jpg (147488 bytes) LK6_a.jpg (149227 bytes)


System Description in Marc's words:

"My system is built around a high current Art Audio Jota SET amplifier and David Gill's Alana preamp (with custom dual mono, 24 step Goldpoint attenuators), along with Ars Aures loudspeakers.  I am also using a pair of small Omega subwoofers and Townshend supertweeters.  The latter bits must sound very "tweaky", but they blend so well, you would be hard pressed to locate them as a source.     The OMA, slate plinthed Lenco/Schick/Denon are really a dream front end: They're rock solid in use, beautiful to look at (to me anyway :) and easy to work on if needed. It's got the tonal character, refinement and pure drive that I had been looking for.. especially with my main listening being with a SET amplifier.   I've added one of Mirko Djordjevic's titanium bearings and it was a huge upgrade.  It is easily, the finest sounding deck i've ever had.    The cabling is from Townshend, Stereovox, Wireworld & Kimber.    All i'd like to add at this point is a phono stage of comparable quality and perhaps a tubed repro amp for use with my Technics & Revox RTR decks.  I run the digital stuff off of my laptop thoough a decent little USB Dac. "