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A pair of very custom TD125 Thorens.

Below is the latest.

Marco's comments: "The tonearm is 12 inches long in wood, entirely handmade.  A single piece of very hard wood, it is used for musical instruments, the rest is similar to the other arm, uni-pivot and magnetic anti-skating.  The cartridge is a Denon DL103 with hand made "pre-pre"  that increases output before signal gets into tube phono stage and final power amplifier, a hand-made single ended with SV811.  Loudspeakers are one way with a little help from a super-tweeter.  "

MS_125_5.jpg (75934 bytes)

 Below is the original diy TD125, 

Extra long armboard supports a 12 inch unipivot diy tonearm.

Marco's comments about the first TD125:

....Here attached are a few pictures of my TD125 with a handmade plinth in order to accommodate a 12 inch unipivot tonearm handmade by myself following Mr. Morsiani project.  The armtube is carbon fiber.  The counterweight is brass and aluminum.  Antiskating is magnetic.  At the moment I'm using a Denon 110 phono cartridge.  Sound is excellent.  ....


Marco can be reached via email at: [email protected]