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Thorens TD2001 BC

with Clearaudio "Unify" tonearm and a  Benz Micro L0.4 phono cartridge.

The sub-platter was filled with RDC material and balanced by Clearlight Audio.

The acrylic outer platter was manufactured by Clearlight Audio in cooperation with Thorens and sold by Thorens as an upgrade item.

The sub-frame, because it came in one piece (older version), was changed into a two piece unit (RDC) and balanced by Rolf Kelch electronic, Lahr.

End disconnect and tonearm-lift were removed.  The top front trim plate was replaced with a 'BC' trim plate. (without cue knob hole)

The rca jacks were replaced with better quality ones (WBT nextgen).

The original dustcover was replaced with a Fantasy cover to accommodate the added height of the Unify tonearm.

The Turntable features the complete resonance minimizing RDC tuning package by Clearlight Audio.

Power supply is Thorens TPN 2000.






TD 2001 BC Isotrack - 20.jpg (61159 bytes) MM_TD2001BC_003.jpg (60331 bytes) MM_TD2001BC_008.jpg (61289 bytes) MM_TD2001BC_009.jpg (60347 bytes) TD 2001 BC Isotrack - 16.jpg (61380 bytes)