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You are at The analog Dept; misc. photo page

The subject here is miscellaneous and does not necessarily link to the subject matter for the rest of The Analog Dept....except that in some way all of this becomes part of the state of mind (such as it is, sigh...) for this webmaster.

October Trip 2018

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DSC_3674.jpg (201563 bytes) DSC_3691.jpg (250964 bytes) DSC_3697.jpg (377590 bytes) DSC_3698.jpg (378956 bytes)

more navel gazing

Beach shots.  Pacific Ocean.  Off Roosevelt Beach Road, hwy 109.  Washington State.  It was 3 in the afternoon.  A persistent stiff breeze blew the fog inland off the ocean.  .

3rd beach satellite map.jpg (309913 bytes) 3rd beach near Forks, Wa

sandpaper_1.jpg (340157 bytes)  sand paper


navel gazing 7/7/2015

mt baker sunset hdr_2.jpg (193209 bytes)1

DSC_1282.jpg (441005 bytes)2 DSC_1284.jpg (244399 bytes)3 DSC_1285.jpg (190491 bytes)4

  1. Sunset, Mt. Adams. Hwy 97. Just North of Maryhill on the Columbia River Gorge.

  2. From Maryhill/Stonehenge looking over the Columbia River, Vinyard

  3. Hwy 97, Just North of Maryhill on the Columbia River Gorge. Wind turbine power generators (aka windmills)

  4. Same as #3, cropped.

  5. note: it was hot that day. No wild fires in the area. 

Seattle Shots

DSC_3185a.jpg (142729 bytes)

Snow Scenes

DSC_1976a.jpg (114832 bytes) March 1, 2007  more snow DSC_1991.jpg (281609 bytes)

DSC_1976b.jpg (139845 bytes)

DSC_1625w.jpg (78457 bytes)November 27,2006 Snow in SeattleDSC_1648w1.jpg (132955 bytes) then the melt.


 DSC_1344.jpg (51178 bytes) 

October Trip  two weeks of freedom.  Tons of photos.

HWY 20 shots:

Hwy 20 runs generally east - west from Anacortes, in the Puget Sound, across to the eastern side of Washington State.  Its passage through the North Cascade Mountain range is also known as "The North Cascade Highway" .  From this road some of the most rugged and scenic mountain terrain can be seen.  

Diablo_D_1w.jpg (85947 bytes) hwy20 shots: 7/06

0325_W.jpg (206580 bytes) hwy20 shots: 6/06

Deer_2a.jpg (484318 bytes) hwy 20 shots: 5_06

Dime hwy 20_2014 october.jpg (325041 bytes) user510's Dime. Hwy 20, Oct. 2014

my old Pentax

DSC_6334.jpg (216849 bytes) DSC_6337.jpg (244775 bytes)

history: bought new 1980.  Used nearly continuously until 2000.  Took it into a local shop in Everett, Wa for an SLA. Well worth the investment.  Good as new. Now, of course, I shoot digital.  But the Pentax I keep for sentimental reasons.

DSC_1429w.jpg (60366 bytes) Link to more photos

Gibson model L-1.  (circa 1917)  an antique guitar in the Spanish style.

Above photo: a recent attempt to advance CD technology.  The introduction of human organic components onto the transport.  Preliminary listening tests reveal an enhanced sense of realism with ultra fast transient response.  Unfortunately, the sound quickly goes dull and lack luster as 'eye strain' sets in.  The research team states that continued efforts along these lines should ultimately prove successful with a resulting commercial product.  "Now if we can just find more eye-balls."   


warped_Floyd_web.jpg (99254 bytes)

photo: collage.  "your brain on pink floyd"

7 o clock.jpg (147078 bytes) 7 o-clock



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All photos and images are copyright Steve Clarke (webmaster) at The Analog Dept. except as noted.

For high quality prints of the above images please contact the webmaster.

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