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Mike Lavigne's Room

From behind the listening chair.  When company comes over, which is often, additional seating is moved into position.

hint: click on thumbnail to view full sized image.

ADN_4.jpg (54639 bytes)

For details regarding the building construction of this purpose-built listening room link here: http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue16/lavigneroom.htm

For an independent listening impression written by this webmaster link here

DSC_00380038.jpg (182391 bytes)Rockport Sirius III turntable

  Studer A820 (left), Ampex ATR102 (right) professional reel to reel recording decks capable of reference level  high speed playback and recording.

3_tt_s_(1_of_1).jpg (187007 bytes) From right: Garrard 301 in custom Steve Dobbins plinth, Technics SP10 mk3 in custom Steve Dobbins plinth, the Rockport

AGN_7.jpg (167346 bytes) rear view of one of the Evolution Acoustics MM3 full range loudspeakers.

1141621646.jpg (100284 bytes) rear view of the NHB-108  

room_without_front_bass_traps_(1_of_1).jpg (135299 bytes) Trying out monoblocks (did not stay)

close-up___copper-top__platter_and_new_Reed_arm_(1_of_1).jpg (123591 bytes) cool_tt_pic_(1_of_1).jpg (172786 bytes) Dobbins__copper-top__platter_(1_of_1).jpg (121238 bytes)

above: Garrard 301 as prepared by Steve Dobbins. custom plinth and a new custom made platter

DSC_00630063.jpg (126077 bytes) Loricraft record cleaning machine

the_Beat_and_Dobbins_Garrard_(1_of_1).jpg (141815 bytes) the_Beat_and_Reed_2P_10.5_inch_arm_281_of_129.jpg (105578 bytes) the_Beat_joins_the_tt_family_281_of_129.jpg (151606 bytes) the_Beat_power_supply_281_of_129.jpg (144169 bytes)

above 4 photos: A try-out session of a new direct drive TT, "The Beat" (in red).  It passes the test, a new black one will join the family soon.


equipment details as per listening session:

Amplification: darTZeel NHB-108
Preamps: darTZeel NHB-18NS with battery power and internal phono stage,
Speakers: Evolution Acoustics MM3 full range loudspeakers with powered woofers.
Source: Rockport Sirius III, Steve Dobbins prepared Garrard 301, Steve Dobbins prepared Technics SP10 mk3,
Source: tonearms: Reed 2A  one for the Garrard, one for the SP10 mk3
Source: Cartridges: Ortofon A-90, one for the Garrard, one for the Rockport
Source: Reel to Reel tape: Studer A820
cables and interconnects: Nordost Valhalla ic, Jena Labs Fundamental One power cord, Transparent Opus MM Solid State speaker cable for bi-amping
Support furniture: Grand Prix Monaco With Formula Shelves

Detailed specification for the Rockport Sirius III: (as of year 2000)
Description: Air-bearing, servo-controlled, direct-drive, pneumatic-suspension turntable with linear-tracking air-bearing tonearm and integral stand, compressor, 50' of air tubing, and 3 counterweights.
Dimensions: 24" W by 32" H by 19" D. Weight: 550 lbs.
Manufacturer: Rockport Technologies, 229 Mill Street, Rockport, ME 04856.