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Monty Sexton's TD150

Custom plinth. RB300 tonearm with Shure mm cartridge.

MS_002jpg.jpg (73290 bytes) hint; click on thumbnail to view full size image

MS_003jpg.jpg (57457 bytes)

MS_004jpg.jpg (108675 bytes)

MS_005jpg.jpg (75170 bytes)

Monty's comments:

Plinth modifications

  1. The plinth was replaced with a solid wood plinth made from 3/4" Zebra wood, which is very dense.
  2. The bottom cover was replaced with 3/4" Birch plywood recessed halfway into the plinth.  Damping material was placed between where the plinth areas make contact w/bottom cover.
  3. Externally mounted IEC male AC connector.
  4. Externally mounted 1/4" RCA phono jacks.  (Great for trying different IC's) 
  5. The feet were replaced with 1" Iso Spikes in a 3-point configuration.  But I have decided to replace the spikes with Clearaudio's Magix magnetic levitation isolation feet.
  6. Damping material was added to the sub-chassis to cut down resonance.

Main Chassis Modifications (top of table)

  1. Removed thin aluminum sheet metal, cueing & speed knobs, TP13A tonearm and original armboard.
  2. Replaced metal cover with a new piece of very thin aluminum.
  3. Installed a toggle switch for On/Off.
  4. Installed new solid wood armboard (made from same wood as plinth) to exact dimensions as original armboard.

Tonearm (TA) Modifications

  1. Replaced original TA w/a Rega RB300
  2. Replaced stock end stub & counterweight on the Rega w/a Michell Technoweight kit.
  3. Installed a VTA kit (setting the arm's VTA with this kit installed is a snap)
  4. Installed a Shure M97 XE cartridge (I'm going back to an ADC real soon)


  1. New Thorens Stabilizer
  2. New Dust Shield (this is the same as those used on the new Thorens turntables)

After we add a Thorens Q-Up, strip & wrap the TA, do a TA rewire, and dampen the main & sub platters I hope to be done with this project.  But then I have a whole new set of ideas for a TD166 that is waiting in the wings.