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Nick Panayiotou's TD150 mkII


Here i have my Thorens TD150 MK2 turntable bought it in original condition about 2 months ago it had the original tp13a tonearm.

First of all i took the arm off completly with the arm board,and had a new arm board cut to size for me this is made of solid oak (pictured above) then i bought a Rega RB300 tonearm and attached it to the armboard,then i took off the old base and replaced it with a piece of wood and added 4 large rubber feet.


rubbed down the wood of the turntable and painted it in black satin gloss,took of platter polished and cleaned,cleaned and oiled bearings,put rubber band on motor for vibration,and last of all made my on cork mat,which made a hell of a difference to the sound,will next upgrade tonearm weight.


sounds absolutely fantastic,a great turntable to tweak.


regards nick.